Monthly Archives: November 2011

Weigh Safety before Replacing a Windshield

When an original windshield is installed in a factory, the conditions are absolutely perfect for creating the most optimal bond between glass and frame. This video depicts its superior bond. In a collision, the glass may break but the polyvinyl layer between the two layers of glass is flexible enough to cushion the impact. Along with the […]

Doing Our Part to Lower Carbon Footprint

Ecofriendly and environmentally conscious statements might seem overused today, but their actions continue to be important. Take the example of windshield recycling, which is enormously difficult because of the following:windshields in landfills Glass takes more than 1 million years to decompose in our landfills. And about 15 million windshields wind up there each year in […]

Whether to Fix Unique Window Scratches…Or Not

Besides encountering the most common types of window and door damage, our technicians have repaired some unique formswhether to repair window scratches of glass damage as well. And what they have learned is that repairing the following types of damage doesn’t make a lot of sense from a time and an economic standpoint. So if […]