Whether to Fix Unique Window Scratches…Or Not

Besides encountering the most common types of window and door damage, our technicians have repaired some unique formswhether to repair window scratches of glass damage as well. And what they have learned is that repairing the following types of damage doesn’t make a lot of sense from a time and an economic standpoint. So if you encounter the following damage weigh repair vs. replacement wisely.

Glass Scratch Repair for Coated Glass: Working on a piece of coated glass can be a real challenge. Most repair technicians will quickly remove the coating in that particular area, which can leave an unattractive rainbow haze and hurt visibility. A better approach—if you decide repair is viable—is to remove the coating from the entire piece of glass before proceeding with glass scratch repair. While this is more time consuming, it’s well worth the effort in the end. If you’re uncertain whether glass is coated, contact the manufacturer.

Fabrication Debris: Many technicians encounter damage typically created by cleaning crews who use metal scrapers to clean glass. Tempered glass can have small glass dust fused into the surface. Scraper blades can dislodge these particles and leave hundreds, if not thousands, of micro window scratches throughout the entire window or door. Resurfacing the entire pane of glass then becomes the only solution, which is very time consuming. If this happens, discuss with your customer if replacement will be more economical than the cost to repair. They will appreciate your honesty!

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