Weigh Safety before Replacing a Windshield

When an original windshield is installed in a factory, the conditions are absolutely perfect for creating the most optimal bond between glass and frame. This video depicts its superior bond.

In a collision, the glass may break but the polyvinyl layer between the two layers of glass is flexible enough to cushion the impact. Along with the roof of the car, proper windshield installation protects the vehicle occupants in the case of a rollover by keeping them in the safety of the passenger compartment. This video illustrates what can happen in a collision.

If the original windshield is damaged, there are two choices: one can either repair the original windshield, or replace it. The advantage of repair is the factory’s windshield safety seal won’t be broken. When the windshield is repaired and not removed from the car, it saves both the very expensive windshield and the original safety seal—and ensures greater safety for owner and their occupants.

So get the word out with your customers on the safety benefits of windshield repair and GlasWeld’s windshield repair kits.

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