Protect Your Windshield Repair Kit Tools for Success

Are you a windshield repair technician who likes the convenience of storing your repair tools in the back of your truck? Although this might be an OK practice if you live in mild climate areas—it’s a bad idea if you live in areas with extreme temperatures. Just last week the temperature in Bend, Oregon, the corporate headquarters of GlasWeld, dropped to 17 degrees.

Cold temperatures like these can cause problems for your repair tools.

Resins can become thicker and seals can become less flexible causing possible equipment failures—all of which can cost you valuable repair time. We suggest that you bring your windshield repair kit tools inside your home or business in a climate controlled workspace. Similar to house paint, stains and brushes that need to warm up before proper use in the winter, so does your windshield repair system.

And the opposite can also affect your repairs. When temperatures heat up, as they are in much of the country, resin viscosities get thinner and the windshield’s PVB layer can become softer causing possible flowering issues.

Flowering Damageflowering-glass-damage1

A way to combat this is with thicker resins and by minimizing the pressure that your injector exerts against the glass or the pressure that you exert with the probe during flexing.

Stack Success in Your Favor

Keeping your tools stored in a climate-controlled environment and factoring in temperature extremes during repairs are two easy ways to ensure quicker—and more successful repairs. Because we all know, time is money.

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