Win Over National Chains for Windshield Repair

If you’re like others, you’re windshield repair business is up against national chains more often. They tout their expertise, convenience (some offer mobile service) and their strong warranty program. You too can tout this plus you have an additional edge—you’re local. To combat their onslaught, you must put your marketing hat on and think more competitively. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Local is better: Explain to customers that the national windshield repair chains don’t always deliver the consistent value or service promoted on their websites. Going with a proven, local firm is a better choice because they get to deal with a real person, not a corporation, and have fewer hassles.
  • Qualifications: Highlight the fact that not all windshield repair technicians are created equal. Emphasize your talent, skills and certification, which all ensure the best result—and better safety for them and their passengers.
  • Quality products: Communicate that you use high-quality GlasWeld windshield repair kit products, which saves time and money. The products are considered the industry’s best and the resins meet the highest standards.
  • Convenience: Most customers avoid getting their windshield repaired right away because they have to find the time around a very busy work and family schedule. Take the pressure off them by promoting how you can make their service experience more convenient. Are you open on the weekends? Can you do repair in less than an hour? Are you mobile? Can you arrange to drive them back to work or home if they can’t wait? Can you do it onsite at their work if weather is permitting?
  • Encourage feedback: Ask customers to leave positive comments on your Facebook page. Ask them to fill out an online customer survey then show summary of positive feedback on your website.

Every windshield repair business needs an edge in a competitive market. Know yours…then promote it.

Make sure you’re on local search marketing per recent blog.

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