Headlight Restoration: Good Business Decision

after-headlamp-repair-300x209As a successful business owner, you know the importance of improving and growing your business. Consider the advantages of adding headlight restoration.

There are strong similarities between windshield repair and headlight restoration: both save vehicle owners money; both are eco-friendly not adding to landfills; and both make vehicles not only look better but safer with better visibility.

Upfront investment is minimal: For instance, you can get started with a headlight restoration kit for as little as $495—or less if you already have some supplies to remove the oxidation. If so, all you would need is GlasWeld’s OEM UV Hard Coat and UV Curing Light for a long-lasting, durable finish that exceeds OEM standards. And GlasWeld training is included with the purchase of any kit.

Business will come to you: While customers come in for a windshield repair, you might notice cloudy headlights and offer the service. Both can be accomplished simultaneously saving you and the customer valuable time. Additionally, you can go to local dealerships and companies who maintain a fleet of vehicles (i.e., UPS, FedEx and utilities) to gain additional business.

So don’t miss this sure-way to get new business—especially, if your location has a lot of sunshine, which makes headlights oxidize faster. Learn more about our Gclear Essentials Kit.

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