Introducing… the ProCur2 LED UV Curing Light!

procur2web2GlasWeld is very excited to announce the launch of the ProCur2 LED UV curing light. This innovative light makes curing glass repairs easier and faster than previous technology.

The ProCur2 cures in less than a minute and can accommodate input from 10 to 30 volts. It has an extremely low power draw and the LED bulb technology lasts more than 10,000 hours. Now you can cure resin very quickly and you don’t need to worry about replacing bulbs.

The ProCur2 has a solid, durable machined and anodized aluminum housing and its electronic circuitry eliminates the need for a ballast.

Those of you that followed the story on Braulio Lopez, the winner of this year’s Windshield Repair Olympics, will be interested to know that Braulio used a ProCur2 LED powered curing light during the competition. Braulio liked the speed of the light, and it’s durability. “It was one of the reasons I was able to win the contest!” said Braulio.

Watch the ProCur2 Video

The ProCur2 can be purchased separately or as part of any Standard Plus or Professional Windshield Repair kits available online at


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