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Windshield Repair Tips

Frequently Asked Questions on Windshield Repair You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers! Here are some of the more common questions we get from glass repair technicians. What can I do to make my seals last longer? Make sure you clean your seals at the end of your day and disassemble your injector (remove the […]

Why Resin Quality Matters

In talking to many repair techs, it’s common to hear that there is very little difference between one manufacturer’s resins and another’s. If you accept that logic it would make sense to use the cheapest resin available. However, when you consider that the resin you leave behind in the repair can make the difference between […]

Win Over National Chains for Windshield Repair

If you’re like others, you’re windshield repair business is up against national chains more often. They tout their expertise, convenience (some offer mobile service) and their strong warranty program. You too can tout this plus you have an additional edge—you’re local. To combat their onslaught, you must put your marketing hat on and think more […]

Protect Your Windshield Repair Kit Tools for Success

Are you a windshield repair technician who likes the convenience of storing your repair tools in the back of your truck? Although this might be an OK practice if you live in mild climate areas—it’s a bad idea if you live in areas with extreme temperatures. Just last week the temperature in Bend, Oregon, the […]

Weigh Safety before Replacing a Windshield

When an original windshield is installed in a factory, the conditions are absolutely perfect for creating the most optimal bond between glass and frame. This video depicts its superior bond. In a collision, the glass may break but the polyvinyl layer between the two layers of glass is flexible enough to cushion the impact. Along with the […]

No More Guessing about which Windshield Resin to use

It’s a good thing that the windshield repair industry has become smarter over time by looking for improvements to their processes and products. The trial-and-error use of windshield resin offers a perfect example. In the early days, all kinds of resins were used to fill cracks and damage without really knowing the science behind whether […]