What does it take to become a Certified Professional?

Upon completion of our Basic Online Training you are eligible to take the Certified Professional Exam where you’ll demonstrate your repair expertise by performing complete repairs in our hands-on windshield repair exam. GlasWeld certification also includes a comprehensive written exam.

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glasweld certification

How GlasWeld Certification works

The GlasWeld team will ship you a piece of laminated glass containing damage. Once you’ve repaired the damages, you’ll ship it back to GlasWeld for analysis and grading.  If you pass the written and glass repair exams, you will be designated as a GlasWeld Certified Auto Glass Repair Professional, becoming eligible for benefits exclusive to ProClub members.

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If you are a GlasWeld Certified Professional you will be a member of the GlasWeld ProClub.


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Members of the ProClub receive:

  • Certification diploma—ready to frame
  •  Two wallet-sized ProCard certificates
  • Membership to GlasWeld’s ProClub which includes:
  • Listing on GlasWeld’s website to promote Certified Professional status, business location, and contact information*
  • 15% discount on all GlasWeld products including systems, supplies, and marketing materials
  • Free advanced online training
  • Discounts for on-site advanced training opportunities
  • Access to online video library, training materials, and podcasts
  • And more, including additional discounts and special offers
  • GlasWeld Certified Professional logo for use in your marketing efforts

*To be featured on the GlasWeld website you must be a current customer

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