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Why train on Gforce?


Training is the single most important step you can take on your way to becoming a glass repair technician. By far the majority of those who claim the Gforce does not work have not been properly trained.

Once they are trained, however, everything just clicks

This password protected section will show you some of the GlasWeld scratch removal techniques for difficult glass damage.

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Gforce Introduction

These videos will familiarize you with the Gforce product lines:
.Gforce Demonstration
Introducing Gforce
Gforce Components (Gforce Standard)



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Basic Scratch Removal

These videos will show you how to perform basic glass scratch removal – light to medium damage:


Polishing Demonstration
How to remove basic damage
Identifying damage
3 keys to success (important)



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Advanced Scratch Removal

 Abrading demonstration
Splatter damage




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