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Discover the power of Gforce™

GlasWeld’s Gforce Scratch Removal Systems are used world-wide to remove glass scratches and all types of glass damage. It utilizes a unique process of heat and friction to remove glass damage. This combination of forces allows the compound to enter into the pores of the glass and achieve a scratch-free surface.

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Key Components

[one_half]Polishing Machine

The Gforce Polishing Machine provides the power you need to easily remove damage from glass. The Gforce2 is GlasWeld’s most advanced polishing machine which makes polishing even easier with its center water feed system and improved ergonomics.

Backer Pads & Disks
GlasWeld’s backer pads and disks attach to the polishing machine and come in a variety of sizes enabling you to effectively remove damage from auto glass, flat glass and mirrors.

Removing glass scratches without distortion, you won’t find a better solution than Gforce Scratch Removal Compounds. Polishing Compound removes light to medium level scratches without any visible distortion while the Clearing Compound restores the clarity of glass after burnishing out severe glass damage.


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