Gforce Essentials GlassĀ Scratch Removal Kit removes glass damage at an entry-level price


  • Low initial price point to get you started
  • Can be upgraded to water-feed system
  • Portable system allows for use both out in the field and within your facilities.
  • The high-torque polishing machine features a patented water-feed system.
  • Proven to be distortion free
  • Works on laminated, Low-E, tempered, bulletproof, annealed and even curved mirrors and glass.Border_Top


Same results as our other systems –

No distortion.

The Gforce uses non-abrasive compound and polishing disks, so it won’t leave a low spot in the glass that causes distortion. Our proprietary system has been independently tested and proven to produce distortion free results.

Gforce glass scratch removal saves you time and money.

Ask our customers – they’ll tell you that they can remove glass damage up to five times faster with the Gforce glass scratch removal kit.

A simple, one-step glass scratch removal process.

The portable and fully contained case makes it easy for you to use the Gforce glass scratch removal kit out in the field and in your facility.

For more extreme damage, we recommend our glass abrading and glass graffiti kits which work in conjunction with the Gforce Glass Scratch Removal Kit.