The Gforce Glass Scratch Removal Kit removes glass damage quickly and effectively.

Gforce Standard

Removing rubs and scratches from flat glass can be simple, with GlasWeld’s Gforce Standard Glass Scratch Removal Kit.


The Gforce Standard Glass Scratch Removal Kit:

  • Fast, one-step process—with a single pad and no interim clean up—provides the fastest repair times in the glass repair industry.
  • Portable system is easy to use and allows for use in the field and in your facilities.
  • The high-torque polishing machine features a patented water-feed system.
  • Proven to be distortion free (independently tested by an advanced optical distortion measurement system).
  • Remove the scratch, not the glass, with non-abrasive compound and pads.
  • Works on all types of glass: laminated (windshields and hurricane glass), Low-E, tempered, bulletproof, annealed and even curved mirrors and glass.
  • Removes all types of scratches with no distortion, even deep ones that catch the fingernail.

Gforce Glass Scratch Removal Kit Video


For more extreme damage, we recommend our glass abrading and glass graffiti kits which work in conjunction with the Gforce Glass Scratch Removal Kit.


We’ve taken the best elements of our Gforce and made it even better.

The new Gforce2 gives you the ability to remove a broad variety of damage from all types of glass with more content, increased functionality and pinpoint performance.

The Gforce2 includes:

  • More content for increased functionality
  • Center water feed for pinpoint accuracy
  • Improved ergonomics for reduced fatigue
  • Burnishing Disks for more severe scratches
  • Clearing Compound to remove cloudiness
  • Advanced Infrared Thermometer to monitor working temperature
  • Ballistic grade high impact carrying case forportability and durability on the job site
  • Easily upgraded with full abrading capabilities



More content to address problem glass damage quickly, when and where you need it.

Not only can you remove simple rubs and scratches, the Gforce2 Glass Scratch Removal Kit includes more disk options to remove deeper, more severe damage than ever before. We have also implemented a new center water feed system for pinpoint accuracy and control allowing you to get into tight edges and corners. And with the ergonomic redesign of the center water feed, you can work longer with reduced fatigue.

For extreme damage, we recommend our glass abrading and glass anti-graffiti kits and supplies which work in conjunction with all of our Gforce Glass Scratch Removal Kits.