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Gclear Headlight Restoration

Did you know that headlights can be restored to new condition? And the results can last for years?

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headlight restoration before

  • Gclear features an OEM wipe-on coating that cures and bonds to the lens with help from a UV frequency matched curing lamp

  • Gclear can even cure in natural sunlight

  • Gclear coating lasts for years because it contains a UV inhibitor – this prevents light from the sun from breaking down the coatingrepair after

  • Your headlights will look like new

  • 3 easy steps – clear the old coating, add the new coating, UV cure the coating

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Why Is the Gclear Headlight Restoration Process Better Than the Cheap Ones You See On TV?

Headlights are made of polycarbonate and are protected with an OEM grade UV Hardcoat. This UV Hardcoat oxidizes over time, especially in harsher weather conditions such as long exposure to sunshine.

If the repair is done only by polishing or using a non OEM coating, the lens will begin to micro crack and the polycarbonate itself will begin to oxidize. You do not want oxidized, polycarbonate headlights. Choose a high quality repair solution that will last for years. Choose Gclear