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Why Repair Vehicle Headlights?

Increased visibility for safety and a more attractive vehicle for you.

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Imagine that your  headlights are the “eyes” of the vehicle – especially at night. Doesn’t it make sense to have these “eyes” seeing as well as possible?  Gclear Headlight Restoration can help your vehicles “eyes” see better in the dark.  And this translates directly into safety.  Also, having a car with beautiful “eyes” just makes the whole thing more attractive.

If you are already convinced of the safety and beauty of like-new headlights, maybe you would like to HL Repair as an income source.  Does it pay for a technician to add HL Repair to his menu of restoration options?


HL Repair ROI

According to this chart, paying off the initial  HL Repair System can be covered in as little as 10-20 repairs, depending on the system you choose.  After that…it’s 93% profit!

Check out the Essentials System or the Professional System

Clear…Coat…Cure – headlight repair has never looked so good!

Click here to download our Gclear brochure and find out for yourself how cost effective repairing headlights is…for both the repair technician and the consumer!

Your results may vary.  In fact, they may be even better!

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