Long Crack – CrackWeld Resin


CrackWeld resins are specifically formulated for repairing long cracks over 6 inches. Our new and improved formula includes a grey tint that helps to hide long cracks better than ever before.

CrackWeld 1000 is a thin resin ideal for very tight cracks and moderate climates.

CrackWeld 2000 is a thicker resin designed to resist large temperature swings and more extreme environments.

Both resins provide excellent moisture resistance to seal surface cracks, and provide the best adhesion and elasticity properties.


With GlasWeld, pros like you save with Volume Pricing on large orders of resin. Feel free to mix and match the resins that are right for you. It’s one more way we help you save money.

10+ Bottles = 10% Discount  –  30+ Bottles = 20% Discount  –  60+ Bottles = 30% Discount

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