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[hr style=”3″ margin=”20px 0px 40px 0px”]Glass Scratch Removal

From mishandling and production issues, to normal use …glass damage happens.¬†Everyday, professionals worldwide rely on our equipment, expertise and consulting to save them¬†glass, time and money. [hr style=”3″ margin=”40px 0px 40px 0px”]

[one_half]It does work! On all types of glass.
Gforce equipment removes all types of scratches, water scale, acid etching, paint overspray and other imperfections from all kinds of glass including tempered, annealed, laminated (windshields and hurricane glass), Low-E, bulletproof and even curved glass and mirrors. The possibilities are endless![/one_half] [one_half_last]glass wall[/one_half_last][hr style=”3″ margin=”30px 0px 40px 0px”]

[one_half]glass scratch removal[/one_half] [one_half_last]Distortion-free scratch removal.
Gforce components (polishing machine, pads and chemical compounds) work together to produce amazing results. GlasWeld scratch removal systems have been independently tested and proven to produce distortion-free results you can count on.[/one_half_last][hr style=”3″ margin=”30px 0px 40px 0px”]

[one_half]Fast, effective results.
This portable system uses a one-step process to remove glass damage faster and more effectively than any other system. Customers tell us that they can remove glass damage up to five times faster with Gforce. Once the damage has been repaired, the glass can then be protected from future damage with an anti-graffiti film. Or a glass coating may be applied to protect the glass from the elements and provide for easy cleaning.[/one_half] [one_half_last]GW_Gforce_Action

[/one_half_last]Shop Now[hr style=”3″ margin=”40px 0px 40px 0px”][one_half]

This video will show you how, why and where Gforce works…



Give us a call at 866-735-2787 or contact us to find the solution to your scratched glass issues today!

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